Briony MacPhee Lyon, Strategic Partnerships Director


Briony (Bree) serves as the director for the Strategic Partnerships Department. She monitors, supports and evaluates community partnerships per Board policy #7544

Laura WhitmoreLaura Whitmore, Community Partnerships Coordinator


Laura serves as the district relationship manager for the Elementary Schools of Hope, Achievement Connections, Middle Schools of Hope, Juventud/Escalera partnerships as well as supports various other large-scale academic tutoring partnership efforts to ensure alignment with district priorities and policies. Laura also oversees the district-wide Volunteer Administrative Policy.

Katherine Cubilette Katherine Cubilette, Programs Assistant-Senior


Katherine Cubilette provides support for the department as well as manages various project timelines and deliverables for partnerships staff.

Nathan Beck Nathan Beck, Madison Out of School Time Coordinator (MOST)


Nathan Beck is the current MOST (Madison Out of School Time) Coordinator for the City of Madison, Wisconsin and the Madison Metropolitan School District. His current work focuses on coordinating the city-wide system of Out of School Time services for young people in Madison, where he has the privilege of working closely alongside hundreds of stakeholders dedicated to creating a more just city through leveraging the radical promise of Out of School Time (OST) organizations.

Nathan has been in the OST field for over a decade where he has developed and directed nationally awarded youth development programs, started innovative public/private partnerships with local school districts, and has written and published about the OST field. His work has appeared in venues such as The Review of Research in Education, Routledge, and a range of other smaller publications. 

Gail Snyder

Gail Snyder, MOST Information System Specialist 


Gail serves as the MOST (Madison Out of School Time) Information Systems Specialist.  She works with a wide variety of after-school providers to deliver a software program that allows data to be shared between those providers and the Madison Metropolitan School District.  She is excited about the powerful potential of data to shed light on the amazing work being done to enhance the lives of children and youth in our city!