Can I volunteer at any school?

Volunteers can select a school most convenient for them from a range of schools served by Schools of Hope. Volunteers can also ask to volunteer in a general geographic area, and we will select the school whose needs match the volunteer's availability. 

Can I tutor more than one student?

Yes, but most tutoring sessions are individual, so you must extend your time commitment. Some tutors spend several hours a week and work with multiple children.

I'm not a teacher. Can I do this?

We have volunteers from all walks of life and all educational levels. Schools of Hope schools provide activities and materials for the volunteer. The Schools of Hope training session will provide the basic skills you need to be comfortable and effective as a tutor.

What if I have to miss a week or more?

We all have times when illness, vacations or job responsibilities will force us to miss a week. We ask that volunteers notify the teacher and volunteer coordinator as soon as possible so the child can be informed and will not be surprised by your absence.

I travel for part of the year. Can I still do this?

Yes. Please discuss your schedule with the Schools of Hope coordinator as soon as possible.  S/he will make other arrangements for the child in your extended absence.

Where will I do the tutoring?

Schools have limited space but try to provide the best possible setting for the tutor and student.  Some tutors are able to meet with their student in the library.  Other common settings include the hallway outside the classroom, or at the back of the classroom.   

What is required outside of the weekly commitment?

We require no further involvement outside of the tutoring time. We highly encourage volunteers to take advantage of our regularly scheduled training workshops throughout the course of the year. 

Can I do things with the child outside of the program/school?

Schools of Hope is a school-based program and does not allow volunteers to work with children outside of the structured school setting. Any contact with the child or family is prohibited.   

Can high school students be tutors?

We require high school students to have completed at least one year of high school before being eligible to tutor.

Can I give gifts to my child?

Volunteers should not bring gifts or food treats for individual children.  With teacher approval, volunteers may bring snacks for the entire classroom (for the teacher to distribute when appropriate) or they may make a donation of books or supplies for the classroom.

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